Doug Epstein


Recording Production

There’s the old adage, “a person who represents himself in court has a fool for a client”.

You know you need someone who’s been there before, another set of ears, a trusted mentor, a guide. Not necessarily all the time, but as a resource. I am that person.

Let's meet to find out how I can help your project come to life.

Arranging and Composing

I am steeped in a wide variety of music and am adept at honestly integrating a wide range of styles and instrumentation for film, theater, live concert, and recordings.


I've been making some kind of music for as long as I can remember. I have sat “up close and personal” to some of the finest musicians in the world and have learned a thing or two about how to play an instrument. I can help guide you—or play the part myself—or recommend the right outside player for your project. The lines between musician, arranger, composer, and producer are very malleable.

Studio Design & Consulting

There are hundreds of questions that someone who hasn’t lived full-time in the technology rich world of modern music will inevitably stub their toe on.

I will sit down with you—at no charge—and find out what your goals are. I will determine what you already know—so that I can leverage that knowledge and build on it. I will then make gear recommendations based on what you already own, tempered by the reality of your budget. Then, I will teach you only what you need to know, to use what you have, to do exactly what you need to do—secure in the knowledge that there remains a world of untapped potential—already in your hands.

And if you still need help—I'm just a phone call away.


I grew up in a home filled not only with music, but focused on education. My mother was Special Assistant to two Presidents of the New York City Board of Education. Educational policy and practices were a common subject around the dinner table.

In grad school I taught beginning students their way around the electronic music studio.  I always made myself available to my assistant engineers to answer not only the “how” I did something, but the “why”.

I was elected to the Dobbs Ferry Board of Education for six years and influenced how an entire community was educated. I am currently the Chair of the Music Department at the prestigious Horace Mann School.

I would be happy to help your school develop an effective program that modifies a focus on STEM and changes it into STEAM.

Working with music technology in schools:

  • develops real-time, multi-level, critical thinking skills; 
  • cultivates teamwork;
  • draws attention to history, and…
  • applies math, computer skills, physics, and esthetic judgement to any project.