Sesame Street


"Born to Add "is a collection of Sesame Street TV Show songs that were parodies of real pop tunes. "Born to Add" was based on Springsteen's "Born to Run", "Honk Around the Clock" was based on Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock", and so on.

No one raised so much as an eyebrow.

"Hey Food" ("Hey Jude") and "Letter B" ("Let It Be") did however catch the attention of some Apple Records executive, who threatened to sue PBS and Sesame street if they didn't cease and desist violating their intellectual property rights. Something about the differences in American and British libel and copyright laws.

I can still see the potential headlines, "Beatles Sue Big Bird!". 

It was agreed that all subsequent releases would not include the contested two songs. However, the initial vinyl release does. From that vinyl record, here's the Chris Cerf and Doug Epstein production of: "Hey Food" .

"Strawberry jam forever!!!"

Doug Epstein