Bill Connors

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Bill Connors is a SoCa native who loves both loud guitars and John Coltrane. That led to his being recruited asa member of jazz fusion's seminal group, Chick Corea's Return to Forever—and setting the tone for all fusion guitarists who followed.

He then quit RTF, and discarded all things amplified, and became an acoustic only guitar player. A trio of ECM albums followed. Later, of course, he had to apply all he had discovered in acoustic technique to the electric guitar. That's where I come into his story. Steve Khan and I produced this album, Bill's return to loud, "Step It", featuring drummer Dave Weckl and bassist Tom Kennedy.

At the album release concert at the Country Club in Reseda, CA, Chick Corea was in the audience. He was struck by Dave Weckl's playing, and asked him on the spot to join his current group. 

Chick's revenge for Bill leaving the group ten years earlier? 

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Mediasound's Studio A

Mediasound's Studio A

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