Jeff Layton Music - Underscores

Jeff was a pioneer. It was in his studio that I first saw a digital mixer on a Macintosh's screen. He was intent on being a part of the cutting edge of Music Technology. (As Mike Brecker observed, it's safer to be two blocks from "the edge".-)

Jeff was also one of NYC's top session guitarist.

We recorded many ad campaigns in his small, loft-like studio in NY's Chelsea neighborhood. TV ads are small form :30 movies. Here's a longer form—underscores for several documentaries—about the DuPonts, the Memphis garbage strike that let to Martin Luther King Jr.'s murder, and one about Great Steamships.

I built several iterations of Jeff's studios over the years. He's now semi-retired living just outside of Ithaca, NY. I built his current, downsized studio as well. 

Jeff's Chelsea Studio

Jeff's Chelsea Studio

Doug Epstein