Late Night with David Letterman

Paul Shaffer, Will Lee, Steve Jordan, and at first Hiram Bullock and then later Sid McGinnis were the members of the "World's Most Dangerous Band" on Late Night with David Letterman.

The show's union audio engineers certainly knew how to handle remote recording of news anchors and audience mics, but could they handle music? Paul Shaffer asked me to consult with the engineers and try to give them some insights. I got to meet Brian Wilson, Jerry Lee Lewis, and other great artists, but the effort was ultimately futile. It was after that that it was decided that the show would pull the music mixing from the guys handling all the other audio tasks and set up a dedicated music mixing facility. Turned out that one of my mentors, Mike Delugg, got the gig mixing the music for show. Later, my colleague Harvey Jay Goldberg got the gig, and continues to this day mixing the music for the Stephen Colbert show.

I did however get to work with the band on other projects for Letterman. Here's "Dress Cool" from the Late Night Film Festival. 

And yes - that is my voice at the beginning…

This second video is more musical mayhem from the 2nd annual Late Night Film Festival, "You Kill Me" featuring actress Terri Garr.


Doug Epstein