Kazumi Watanabe

This was the third in a series of albums that Kazumi, Richard Bona, and El Negro came together and got to PLAY! Adding percussionist Cyro Baptista just made it even more explosive. It's truly an international cast of characters. Kazumi (gtr) from Japan, Richard Bona (bs) is from Camaroon, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez (drms) is an expat from Fidel's Cuba, Cyro is from Brazil, and I am from da Bronx.

This is the high energy lead track from the CD.

Of particular note is the fact that the 4th track's original version, "Lawns," was recorded by me on Carla Bley's "Sextet" album 15 years prior, and that the original version of the 9th track, "Manhattan Flu Dance," was recorded by me over two decades earlier on the first album I recorded with Kazumi.

Doug Epstein